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Bradley Egbert

A Message From Bradley Egbert

I am participating as a sole man volunteer at the 8th annual Wine, Woman and Shoes Charity Event benefiting the Children’s Cancer Center November 4th, 2021. In July of 2020 my father was diagnosed with stage 4 throat and jaw cancer and after 6 months of heartache and intensive treatment he was labeled cancer free in January of this year. A smoker for 40 years my father’s lifestyle choices were the contributing factor to his condition but imagine the struggle a family endures when a child is diagnosed not given that chance to make those choices. That is why I am asking for your donations for this charity event to get the families the help they need and the children the chance they deserve in life. Every dollar counts!


raised of $2,021 goal



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Children's Cancer Center
In Support of Children's Cancer Center
With 29 support programs and services currently helping over 1,000 families, support is offered to all members of the family and is available throughout every step of their difficult journey.