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    1. Your campaign title should be simple, specific, and memorable.

    2. If this campaign is a physical event, specify its time and location. This will be displayed on the campaign page.
    3. Add additional resources or contact information for the community to learn more about your initiatives.

    Describe your Fundraising Campaign.

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    2. Tell everyone what your campaign is about. Describe what you are trying to do and share with us your motivations so that together we can make a change.

    3. Optionally provide a YouTube or Vimeo URL to a video that describes your campaign.

    Optional Campaign Settings.

    Specify a start time, end time, and fundraising goal.

    1. What is the dollar amount you'd like to raise? Specifying a goal increases donor activity by providing a visual indicator of your campaign's progress.

    2. Only allow fundraising Teams to be created. No Participants will be joining a team to fundraise individually as part of that team.
    3. Optionally specify a goal for the number of fundraising participants you'd like to join this campaign.

    4. If specified, this campaign page will only become active starting on this date.

      If specified, this campaign page will become inactive on this date. Activities such as Registrations and Ticket purchases will be disabled. The "Days Left" counter is computed based on this end date.

    5. You may track progress beyond funds raised such as distance ran, boxes of chocolates sold, etc. Specify the unit to track here (ex. Miles, Boxes, Units, etc.)

      Specify a goal for this custom progress bar. Leave as 0 for no progress display.

    6. Include a waiver for donors when they make donation.

      Include a waiver for participants when then join this campaign.

      Include a waiver for team captains when they create a team.

      I agree with the terms and conditions checkbox is automatically generated whenever waiver text is specified.

      Rich Media:

      You may embed rich media content into your waiver by pasting the URL into the waiver text (ex: a link to a YouTube video, or the link to a PDF document, etc).

      For downloading attachments, the following file types will be displayed with icons:

      * For other file types, specifying the link will still embed the hyperlink for file download, but without a file type icon.

    Campaign Rewards.

    Optionally offer incentives for generosity.

    1. No rewards are offered.
      This campaign has rewards. Supporters can select their rewards based on set donation amount.
      This campaign is a fundraising event that requires tickets to attend. Giveffect will issue eTickets, and your guestlist may be managed from this campaign.

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